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Dalhart farms and ranches for sale, Texas Panhandle farms and ranches for sale

Ranching and Farming Real Estate - For Sale in West Texas and New Mexico
View our ranches and farms for sale in in West Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Texas Sunbelt Services Inc. properties offer excellent real estate investment opportunities as well provide an exceptional quality of life. These properties range from farming and classic working cattle properties to hunting ranches. Area residents prosper from tax advantages and ranch value appreciation. Investing in ranching real estate here is a smart buy-and-enjoy strategy.

Ranching and Farming Real Estate

Caddo Creek Ranch - Substantial Reduction

Located within 10 miles Northwest of Ardmore, Oklahoma. This ranch is noted for its productive bottoms, beautiful pecan orchards, fascinating rock bluffs, clear running creeks and its abundant wildlife. Learn more ››

Ranching and Farming Real Estate

Bezner Lottawater Farm - approximately 2,215 acres

This farm is located on blacktop road, 25 miles west of Dalhart. It has a good cattle water system with automatic waters around circles, plus water in the pens. Learn more ››

Ranching and Farming Real Estate

Labrador Farm - 288 acres

Located 12 miles NW of Dalhart, NE side of US 87 in Dallam County, Texas. Farm includes 54.3 acres at $1,792.00 per year through 2017. Learn more ››


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Farm and ranch real estate for sale in the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.


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